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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Updated 15-Jun-2009

General Questions


General Questions

What type of poker do the girls play?
Basic five-card draw poker.

Does the beer really affect how the girls play poker?
Of course! A tipsy opponent will (sometimes) lose her ability to make sound poker-playing decisions. But for it to work you should give the girl a beer right after the cards are dealt, or at least before she takes a draw. Also, the beer only affects the opponents during that hand. On the next "ante up", she will play normally unless you give her another drink.

Tina doesn't seem to know what she's doing. I can beat her easily!
Yep, it's just like playing strip poker with a real blonde! Pretty realistic, wouldn't you say? :-)

My girlfriend happens to be blonde and is deeply offended by that last answer!
Pokai Software humbly apologizes for supporting the myth that all blondes are dumb. There. . . happy? :-)

Are the PC and Mac versions of the game on the same CD?
Yes. The game is on a hybrid PC/Mac CD-ROM, and also includes the QuickTime installer for both platforms.

Can the opponent pack CD's be played by themselves?
Both Opponent Pack #1 and Opponent Pack #2 are "add-on" discs and require the main disc of RealGirls Strip Poker to play.

Why isn't the game distributed directly online as a download instead of, or in addition to, CD-ROM?
The game is extremely large. It would take a long time to download and not everyone has a high-speed connection. This isn't a strip poker game with static pictures. It is totally full-motion digital video.

Are Sharon's breasts real?
Hehehe..we'll never tell!

I found one of the hidden videos while playing the game. Any chance you can give out the details of how to reveal all of them?
Yes! RealGirls Strip Poker contains hidden "easter egg" videos...

These extra videos are, shall we say, interesting! Here are tips on how to find them:

1. A secret video can only be viewed when you've gotten an opponent completely naked.
2. The video for a particular opponent is activated by dropping the party toys on her, one after another, in a special order (see below).
3. When the final toy is given to the opponent, the secret video will pop up.

4. Each opponent has one hidden video.

(You can interrupt the girls as they react to the toys by hitting <spacebar>.)

Here are the toy combinations for the opponents in the original game (main disc):


Toy combinations for the opponents in Opponent Pack #1:


Toy combinations for the opponents in Opponent Pack #2:



(PC and Mac) Are there currently any patches for RealGirls Strip Poker?
Any patches/updates for the game will be made available on our Support page.

(PC) I've installed an opponent pack but the girls do not show up when I play the game.
The most common reason for this is the opponent pack files were not installed in the correct directory. For instance, if RealGirls Strip Poker was installed in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Pokai Software\RealGirls Strip Poker

Then the opponent pack files should be installed into the same directory:

C:\Program Files\Pokai Software\RealGirls Strip Poker\Packx

(where "Packx" would be "Pack1" or "Pack2")

Then, have the opponent pack disc you want to play in your CD drive and run the game.

(PC) The following error message appears when attempting to run the demo or full game under Windows XP:

"This application requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run"

This can occur if you have more than 512MB of RAM installed in your PC. Check the support page for latest patch to fix this error. The patch will fix the RealGirls Strip Poker application but you may still see the error upon inserting the CD. Click "OK" to get rid of the error message and run RGSP from the Start Menu or a shortcut icon.

(Mac) Does the game run natively under Mac OS X?
Yes. OS X users should download the latest patch available on the Support page.

(PC) Does the game run on Windows NT or Windows 2000?
The game runs fine with Windows 2000. We've had reports that the game will run under Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5 installed, however Pokai Software cannot provide technical support for this configuration.

(PC and Mac) When I run the game the video is grainy with strange colors.
Make sure your computer monitor is displaying at least 16-bit color ('High Color' or 'Thousands of Colors'). 24-bit or 32-bit color is preferable for best image quality.

(PC and Mac) I can't get QuickTime to work on my machine.
QuickTime is a product of Apple Computer. Please go to the QuickTime Support page if you are having technical problems with QuickTime.

(PC and Mac) I have installed QuickTime on my machine and can't see any video in the game.
When you first install QuickTime (version 4 or later) and the installer prompts you to "Choose Installation Type", be sure to select "Full" or "Recommended". Do not select "Minimal". This will ensure the proper video decompressor for the video in RGSP will be installed.



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